Hello Parents and Guardians,

After the first, second, and third Marking Periods, I review all of my students’ grades. When I find that any of my students earn one or more D or F in an academic course, English, Math , Reading, Science, and Social Studies, I will complete an Academic Quarterly Warning Letter.

If your child earns one or more F in any of his/her academic courses listed above, you will receive an Academic Quarterly Warning Letter via U.S. Mail, and I will meet with your student in my office.

If your child earns one or more D in an academic course listed above, he/she will receive an Academic Quarterly Warning Letter at school to bring home to you.

After reviewing the fourth term Progress grades, I will meet with your child and send you an Academic Quarterly Warning Letter which will require your signature.

Listed below are the copies of each Academic Quarterly Warning Letter. When you receive one of these, please review it with your child and call me if you have any questions at 267-599-2274 or email me at karla.jones@bristoltwpsd.org.


Karla M. Jones, M.Ed.
Eighth Grade Guidance Counselor

First Marking Period Letter

Front Page

Back Page

Second Marking Period Letter

Third Marking Period Letter

Fourth Marking Period Progress Report Letter/Student Contract
This letter will be given to the student and needs to be signed by Parents/Guardians
and returned to Miss Jones.

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