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The Lower Bucks Family YMCA, in collaboration with Bristol Township School District, was awarded a 21st Century Community Learning Centers’ grant through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, to create after school learning centers in Bristol Township Schools. The centers operate twelve to fifteen hours per week and provide homework assistance, tutoring, enrichment, fitness, nutrition, college and career awareness, and social and leadership development. 21st Century is a free program for Bristol Township students offered to assist youth in meeting state standards for core academic subjects, provide a broad array of other services and programs such as art, music, recreation activities, and character education, and provide educational services for families of participating students. The grant is also in place to mobilize the school and community to provide resources that remove barriers that impede students’ learning. Most importantly, 21st Century will keep your children safe after school!

Active Site Locations:
Armstrong Middle School and F.D.R. Middle School are up and running! See below for site specific details.

Page at a Glance:
*See below for Contact Information for 21st Century Staff: Kim Pattley and Alexandra Ruch
*See below for program details at Armstrong and FDR
*See below for 21CCLC registration information and 2015 summer camp registration
*See below for “What’s Happening Now” at 21CCLC
*Check out more information on 21st Century at: http://www.21stcclc.org/index.cfm?pageid=4241


Program Details

At Armstrong Middle School, 21st Century runs Monday through Thursday from 2:45-5:00 p.m. Students must take the late bus home or be picked up promptly at 5:00 p.m. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia donates healthy snacks to the program so students have the opportunity to be fed after school. Everyone meets in the cafeteria to eat their snack, then migrate to the Success Zone (located in the library) where homework is completed. Meanwhile, activity clubs are going on certain days of the week where students can participate in clubs for which they have registered and can come back to the Success Zone after the club is over.

Program Schedule

Currently in place for the month of May:
Buzz Club: Tuesday and Thursday
Math Club: Tuesday and Thursday
Art: Wednesday – an additional day coming soon.
Drama: Monday and Thursday
Girls Infinity: Monday and Wednesday

Site Coordinator

The Site Coordinator at Armstrong is Mrs. Tracy Wurtenburg who does a wonderful job keeping the children on task and up to speed with class projects and homework assignments. Mrs. Wurtenburg is a certified teacher who works as a paraprofessional during school hours which allows her to be familiar with teacher projects, homework, and what is happening at Armstrong week-to-week.


Program Details

At FDR middle school, 21st Century runs Monday through Thursdays from 3:00-5:00pm. Students must take the late bus home or be picked up promptly at 5:00pm. 21st Century is working towards getting FDR an established feeding site so we can provide a snack for the children who stay afterschool; the food will most likely be donated from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Everyone meets in the auditorium to meet 21CCLC staff and sign-in. From the auditorium kids migrate to their designated activity/club or towards the library called Success Zone. Students complete homework and have the chance to catch up on project assignments. Success Zone staff are teachers, paraprofessionals and aids who work during the day so they are up-to-date with assignments that children need to complete. Activities are running on certain days of the week for students to engage in different clubs to learn new life skills such as cooking and invest time in art and wellness.

Program Schedule

Currently in place for the month of May:
Cooking: Monday, Wednesday
Drama: Monday through Thursday
Art: Thursday
Talent Show: Changes day week to week
Community Service: Changes day week to week
Field Hockey: Changes day week to week
Stage Crew: Changes day week to week

Site Coordinator

The site coordinator for FDR is Mrs. Megan French-Gancarz, who does a fabulous job scheduling staff, planning club activities and keeping the students on track with homework and completing assignments. Mrs. French-Gancraz also manages FDR’s drama program, an intense 2CCLC after school club with over 100 students involved in drama and stage crew. During the day Mrs. French-Gancarz is the music teacher for 7th and 8th grade students and teaches chorus. The students at FDR have a positive and trusting relationship with Mrs. French-Gancarz which allows for program and student success.


*To register your student, please click here or pick up a hard copy registration from your site coordinator and return the completed form to your site coordinator.


*Keep Checking for Summer Camp 2015 Updates and Registration information.
Tentative Camp Dates are Tuesday June 23 through Friday July 31st.


A FREE parent education program is starting Monday April 27th from 6:30-8:30pm and running for five weeks called Guide to Good Choices. The program targets parents with children in grades 4-8. A FREE meal and childcare are provided from the Lower Bucks Family YMCA and the Southeastern Council of PA. This program is open to all Bristol Township parents.

Registration is ONGOING! Check out the letter home to parents and the registration form for more information.
Letter for Parents:


You can return the completed form to Mrs. Wurtenburg (Armstron) or Mrs. French-Gancarz (FDR) or call to register over the phone at 215-949-3400 X 7165.

Location: FDR
Date: May 15 & 16
Time: TBD

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21st Century Operation Infinity girls have invited their parents and guardians to come celebrate and show them all of the work they have been doing throughout the Winter and Spring with Mrs. Shire !! Refreshments will be provided.

Location: Armstrong Room 1 Science Room
Date: May 20th
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm

**For more information, comments or concerns please contact Project Director Kim Pattley or Project Manager Alexandra Ruch.

Kim Pattley: Project Director
215-949-3400 X 67

Alexandra Ruch, MPH, Project Manager
215-949-3400 X 7165
Preferred method of communication: email*

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